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Our Charitable Twist

GEOROCKS is able to deliver great fossils and minerals at great prices (up to 70% of retail). We add 10% to this heavily discounted price, which goes directly to a nominated charity. Our mission is not to make a big profit, but to have fun, collect unique GEOROCKS and raise money for charity. See the chosen charity below.



This concept of wholesale fossils and minerals with a charitable twist has been running in the USA for over 15 years by an organisation called Geointeriors. Geointeriors has raised over $350,000 for charity and it is GEOROCKS’ ambition to do the same.


Our first sale is end October. Please support us in this Quest.

Money raised to date: .....................


The nominated Charity for our inaugural sale is the PESGB.

Our nominated charities will vary each sale. Our local geological societies have struggled during this Covid period with many gatherings and fund raising opportunities cancelled. This is our way of providing support.

Please come join us, buy really cool fossils and support the PESGB!

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